brain bleach

Some brain bleach I’m saving for a rainy day…


Best brain bleach ever!

I’m putting this here so I’ll have it forever.


Tonight is full of links

Go for the cute kitten poses that resemble the male models on the left, stay for the cute kittens!

Awesome hotel… sort of…. (per the original poster, mouse over the room names)



when you’re down and out…


I keep hearing ‘bridge over troubled waters’ in my head when i go to this site.

(that’s a good thing)


Cute cat videos are worth preserving!

I’ve discovered a reason to blog. Normally, I can’t be bothered to blog for more than a few months, and then they die the standard blog death.

So I’m going to start posting all the fab things I find while reading blogs – oh, not the posts, but the cool stuff other people post in the comments!

Things like this video.