agendered agenda

One of the weirdest things I’ve experienced on the interwebs is how people react to me based on how people perceive me to be gendered. The usual assumption is either cis man or cis woman, and I can get a lot of flack for my statements that, when said by someone openly trans or non-binary, gets no flack at all. It’s annoying and fascinating all at once.

Why is gender so important?

I spent a fairly long time viewing myself as agender, because I have no internal sense of gender. Now I just don’t care.

book review – Ironskin

I’d forgotten I’d read this till I was going through my completed library books (I love that my library keeps an online record of everything!), and I remembered I’d wanted to do a quick review.


Steampunk Jane

Ironskin is an adaptation of Jane Eyre (I seem to be drawn to these, lol), done in a steampunk style. I liked the world setting, and the development of the main character, but, unlike with Jenna Starborn, this novel doesn’t make me like the ‘Rochester’ character enough to be able to get into the novel. I found that a tad disappointing. Granted, I never liked Rochester, even before I was introduced to Wide Sargasso Sea, but some adaptations have managed to make him bearable. Sadly, this wasn’t one of them.

On the positive end, the steampunk was wonderful. It meshed faerie/aliens and even alien technology/human tech that I don’t find as often as I’d like in the genre, and the author used it to delve into the main character’s motivations, desires and fears, rather than just used as window-dressing. I’m getting tired of the romance novels dressed up as ‘steampunk’, just to get into a different market. Happily, this isn’t one of them.

I’m afraid I’d have to re-read it to give a full review, and I just didn’t like enough for that, but if you both liked Jane Eyre and anything steampunk, I recommend giving it a try!