What do you do…

…when your favourite blog goes to the dogs?

No, seriously, any suggestions for new ways to spend my time? I’ve finished the backlog of Welcome to Night Vale podcasts, so I’m in need of new distractions. If I’d known what was coming, I’d have spaced my listening out a lot more. I’d listen to Serial, as it’s popular, but ugh, too problematic. Hmmm, time to surf the interwebz for interesting content.

I suppose I could also get back to reading and reviewing adaptations… Nah.

Update: I’ve decided to start the Welcome to Night Vale series over again. Like a good book series, I don’t know if you can hear them too often!


Welcome to Night Vale

If you’re even slightly a fan of H. P. Lovecraft (it’s arguably better to only be a moderate fan, like me), you might just want to listen to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. It’s a little eerie, definitely funny, poetic, dark, and absolutely delightful.

The Bloggess mentioned it in her Girl Scout post, which made me curious, and so I went and listened to it online (most of it is free, a few of the live shows are ‘pay what you want’) and was enthralled. My only sad is that now that I’ve caught up, I too have to wait with all the other fans till the next episode comes out (1st & 15th of most months).